Ebru is UNESCO heritage-listed traditional Turkish art of water marbling, creating colorful patterns by dropping and splashing paints onto a tray of water-based viscous solution with special brushes. These patterns are then transferred to a retentive piece of paper or fabric. It is a mesmerising, magical world due to the nature of the used materials. Playing with colours on moving water and creating unique patterns each time helps Ebru makers to discover inner vision about themselves. It also helps to ease anxiety and stress by providing tranquility to the soul and to gain a sense of aesthetics, to discover the creativity within oneself and to build patience, confidence, time management and discipline.

Marbling art is considered as one of the successful instruments of art therapy in the world and is really useful and helpful to overcome daily stress and cope with any experienced difficulties in life including mental and physical health issues. It can be used as a rehabilitative approach and treatment tool since it is a great way of expressing feelings onto water surface without the need of using words.