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Fabric Marbling Starter Pack + Individual Session

Fabric Marbling Starter Pack + Individual Session


In addition to our starter pack, this option provides you the opportunity to attend a 1:1 online session where I go through the basic of Fabric Marbling and address any questions you may have!


Perfect set for a beginner!

The starter pack includes below items;


- Plastic Marbling Tray (30x40x2,5cm)


- Red Marbling Paint 45ml

- Yellow Marbling Paint 45ml

- White Marbling Paint 45ml

- Black Marbling Paint 45ml

- Blue Marbling Paint 45ml


- Marbling Thickener (50gr.)

- Alum (50gr.)

- One Ebru comb (35cm x 7mm)

- Five fan brushes (size 0)

- One ebru awl (no:20)

- Three ~28x28cm fabric pieces



All the paints are ready to use, water-based acrylics. They can easily be used on different surfaces including fabric, ceramic, paper etc.


All colours can blend with each other to create new colours.


Paints are non-toxic.


You will also receive the instructions to prepare the thickener and the process of fabric pretreatment by using alum.

  • Individual Sessions

    Indivudual sessions are conducted online based on a pre-defined schedule which you can book online. After purchasing this pack I will send you a coupon code and you can register for an individual session you prefer.

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