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I have been practicing Ebru (Marbling) for more than 8 years and I am fascinated with this art form. I truly enjoy providing marbling workshops where I share all of my knowledge with others who are interested in this art. Here are a few sample images and videos from the workshops I conduct in my home studio.


Marbling Workshops

Fabric is one of the materials that is widely used for marbling applications. Participants create 1 large 3 small marbled fabric pieces in our workshops.


Marbling Workshops

Traditional Ebru is applied onto paper and historically marbled papers had many different uses. Participants create 8 marbled papers in a workshop.



Throughout the years I have created many Ebru art works and took part in exhibitions. Here are a few of my favorites.



Ebru is a unique art form where you can create colorful patterns and you can apply this beautiful art on to many different materials like leather, timber etc. Here are a few examples.

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